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Thank you, folks! My heart is full.

Because of all of you stellar and wonderful backers (and friends who boosted the Kickstarter signal) my album, Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour, is funded, along with mythic bookmarks painted by Starr Weems based on costume designs by Torrey Stenmark, a lovely album songbook, and a chap book (or PDF) of Seanan McGuire’s short story, “Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour!” Keep up with my album’s progress and other music projects in updates here on my website, on my Patreon page or via my mailing list—I have songs, music videos, and more fun! Please, be part of it.

Addendum: I declare we are close enough to the stretch goal to make it happen! We have been making plans to get Teresa, Brenda, and Amy out to Mystic Fig Studio to record. I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Thank you!



Support my music and other creative projects on Patreon!

Greetings! I am Mary Crowell, a geeky musician from north Alabama who is very active in the filk community. When I am not teaching piano I love to write songs about mythology, gaming, beagles, pomegranates, and lately—running. I also enjoy making short quirky midi compositions and arranging piano music, violin and piano duets, and marimba duets, and more!

I have two solo albums: Courting My Muse and Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories available through CDBaby and Also, I've made Play It With Moxie Live! with my fellow band mates in Play It With Moxie and Third Thyme's the Charm with my fellow band mates in Three Weird Sisters. And in September I START RECORDING a NEW SOLO ALBUM! Like Acolytes, this one will be recorded with Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff of MysticFig. I cannot wait.

Why offer a subscription service? I’ve got TWO reasons:

  1. It’s fun to share the music Right After I Make It. I am very excited about my upcoming album, Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour. But, let’s face it: it’s hard to wait. And there are so many songs that I would love to have heard. Not only can they not all fit on a 10-14 song album, but sometimes I often have multiple arrangements of certain songs I want to share.
  2. Once most of the work is done on my album, Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour, I plan to crowdfund it. Patreon's subscription service lets me offer a preview of potential sponsor rewards and get a sense of what people enjoy hearing and receiving as bonus items.

Click here to access my Patreon page.

Battle of the Bards: Victory is Mine! Muahahaha!

E.N. WorldAt the beginning of November, 2012, I entered two songs in E.N. World's "Battle of the Bards." There were four separate heats culminating in one final heat. I am excited to announce that I Put My Low Stat is the winner!!! The prize is an animated video of the winning song. I can't wait to see what they create for it! Thank you, E.N. World!

Acolytes of the Machine is Now Available!

Cover art for Acolytes of the MachineAcolytes of the Machine officially released on October 26, 2012! The CD can be purchased at CDBaby and; digital download is available at, iTunes and at

The album was recorded and engineered by Jeff Bohnhoff of Mystic Fig Studios and created with a lot of help from my friends. The gorgeous artwork was commissioned from the fabulously talented Starr Weems! Misty Granade designed the album packaging and put together the layout; her deft skills are greatly appreciated!

I would like to thank all the people in the gaming, filk, and science fiction communities who have encouraged me to record my music and inspired me with their own music, writing, personalities, and art. I’ve learned so much from you. I’ve come a long way since my first GAFilk in 2001!


  1. Massacre Anne
  2. Devil of Stories
  3. City of Doors
  4. A Balleto for Rupus
  5. I Put My Low Stat
  6. Just Dessert
  7. Acolytes of the Machine
  8. Opportunity Tango
  9. Pretty Little Ladies
  10. Oh, Milo!
  11. Pas de Deux
  12. Shifty Screavy
  13. 'M' is for Magic Missile
  14. Post-Apocalyptic Blues

Three Weird Sister's newest project is now available!

cover art for Third Thyme's The Charm by Three Weird SistersI am very pleased and excited to announce that Third Thyme's The Charm is available for purchase at CDBaby, iTunes, and!






  1. Blue Spell
  2. Pomegranate Tango
  3. Tea: An Explanation of Adoration
  4. Witch of the Wood
  5. Make Love Stay
  6. Legolas
  7. Galatea (and Pygmalion)
  8. I Knew a Guy Once
  9. Time Share Whorehouse
  10. These Two
  11. Inner Seasons (Follow the Crow)
  12. On this Good Day

Cath benefit CD

Cover art for Cath Benefit CDRecently, our friend Melissa Tatum asked Three Weird Sisters to participate in a project to benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Cath is a collection of songs written by Melissa (an amazing lady who is personally afflicted with Parkinson's) and performed by various participating artists. We are truly honored to be a part of it...please find out more about Melissa's project HERE; while you're at it, please "like" her Facebook Page and help us help her spread the word!

Mary Crowell: Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories

Mary Crowell: Courting My Muse

Mary Crowell


Play It With Moxie: Play It With Moxie Live!

Three Weird Sisters: Third Thyme