Dave Rood Dave Rood Aaron waves hello Mary, Matt and Steve at the banquet Susan and Brian Richardson Brian Richardson Teri in a little black dress! Joyce Lanterman Hello, Myra! Bill Sutton (con chair)<br/> Then Wesley showed up, too! Tanya Huff, Kathleen Sloan, Teri Wachowiak, Steve Savitzky Spencer Love Rob and Larissa Brian setting up Teresa and Jodi Debbie Ohi and Margaret Middleton Teri Wachowiak, toastmistress.  Arrrrr! And this little cutie! Jamie Kevin Gallagher Jodi and Mary, with their -er, reading material Gafilk has its own New Years celebration. Cat makes a toast! Wesley, Larissa, Rob and Lynn The ladies, all dressed up! Mary, Teresa, and Jodi
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