M is for Magic Missile (More Footage Needed)

M is for Magic Missile (More Footage Needed)

I’m copying this from my Patreon page–the place where I post the newest music I’ve written and videos I’ve made with the help of very silly awesome people who help me.

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This weekend I’ve collected all the M is for Magic Missile video footage I’ve made of various folks and that others have sent me. I have enough to start working on the video with place holders. I still need more. Would you and your friends like to be in a silly video? (Because I sure haven’t managed a serious one yet!)

In the following description, please remember dressing as a wizard can be as simple as waving a wand like stick or wearing a cape or hat. (Staves and walking sticks are good too.)

You may comment here or message me if you would like to participate in this.

My deadline for video and stills is September 30th, 2016,  because I would like to to edit this and release it before Halloween.

Also, PLEASE SHARE THIS POST AMONG YOUR FRIENDS. Gamers, costumers, and silly people are very very welcome. They can comment here if they are interested. I’ll share on Patreon, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook too. There are different ways to contact me there, so I can let people know how to actually get their footage to me.

I will need to know how to credit those folks appearing in the video, and I will also want to credit the camera person.

Also, please film and photograph people in landscape orientation rather than portrait.

Shawna asks what formats and resolutions I need. I’ve been able to use a variety of formats including mp4 and m4v’s. I’m perfectly fine using non blurry smart phone video footage–it doesn’t have to be done with a fancy camera (although footage from those is certainly welcome.)

Bits I need (with relevant lyrics as reference points)

From the M is for Magic Missile Verses

G’s got gate and Glitterdust.”

  • Someone wearing a wizard hat by an airport gate or sheep gate in a pasture or a gate of any kind really? (Video or still shot works.)
  • Wizard throwing glitter in the air. (Video preferred. Very very short shot.)

“J for Jump is Jumping”

  • Does anyone have access to a trampoline or jumping house? My thought is to have have two people dressed up as wizards or at least wearing wizard hats and holding them on their heads as they jump on the trampoline or jumping house. (No pointy things like wands please. I wouldn’t want anyone to be hurt!) The other possibility is to use green screen to make it look like the wizard was jumping. That might be funnier anyway. I’ll do that if I don’t get any takes on this one.

“L is Legend Lore. Let’s see what secrets can we glean.”

  •  I need someone sneaking around in a library while dressed up like a wizard. Please, sneak ridiculously.

“N is for Non detection so they won’t know where you are.”

  • This one could be the wizard badly hiding behind a tree or post while giggling and watching as several people wander around staring at their smart phones while they converge on another tree or other spot neither the hiding place.

“Otto’s Irresistible Dance never even gives them a chance to save.”

  • Multiple clips of people dancing: Irish, ballroom, ballet, whatever. I’ll display these side by side or even more. I’m going to upgrade to Final Cut Pro while making this video.

“Wizard spells never start with Q, but Quicken is an awesome feat for you.”

  • Players in wizard hats poring through a Player’s Handbook together with puzzled looks. One of them flips the book back (to feats presumably) and points to a paragraph triumphantly.

For the M is for Magic Missile Chorus, 

I already have some wizards dancing footage but I would really like to have more. Each bullet point indicates a different video clip idea. If you have another idea for one of these video clips, go for it. That chorus comes back around 8 times I think. 

‘M’ is for Magic Missile

  • People make the M sign on their head like the Village People.
  • Signing “M is for magic missile” in ASL
  • Dancing in a variety of ways while dressed as a Wizard.
  • Acting like you’re casting magic missile in a variety of silly ways.

You’ll cast it ’til they put you in your grave. It hurts them just a bit,

  • People can pretend to cast magic missile.
  • Someone with a wizard hat at the gaming table could roll a bunch of 4 siders.
  • One wizard could be laid out with pennies over eyes.
  • People can just fall over.

But you never roll to hit,

  • Person gets pelted with 4 sider and winces
  • Person gets pelted with multiple 4 siders and looks Very Concerned.
  • Wizard player at gaming table picks up 20 sider and puts it back down again.’

And your victims do not ever get a save.

  • Someone else at the wizard’s gaming table picks up a twenty sider and puts it down.
  • Wizard player gleefully pointing and laughing.
  • Wizard laughs gleefully and then gets chased off screen.
  • Player angrily sulks at unconcerned DM who just points at the page on the Player’s Handbook.

End Part with Spoken Dialog

“What? You cast shield?”

  • Player or wizard being pelted. Is surrounded by glowing nimbus and is smug.

“Ok well. I’ll cast Greater Dispel Magic. I mean. Dispel Magic [comma] Greater on your shield.”

  • Wizard player frantically flips forward in a Player’s Handbook and then flips back and points.

“And then I’ll quicken . . .”

  • Closeup of hand and then finger snap.

“A magic Missile Yeah yeah yeah [repeated a few times.]”

  • Tons of wizards dancing. I’ve got some footage of this, but I want more.

[Visiting Professor, Wizard Torrey Stenmark is featured photo on this blog post.]

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