So I launched my Kickstarter

So I launched my Kickstarter

Hi Internet Folks,

Tonight was supposed to be a soft release (is that the term?) or soft opening or some such thing for my Kickstarter with the grand opening happening tomorrow. But then patrons from my Patreon started tweeting (Thank you Seanan, for getting the party started!), and people pledged! I’m doing a little butt dance in my desk chair and there isn’t actually any music playing at this exact moment to dance to. (And that’s unusual for me!) I’m SO EXCITED! I’ve said that so many times today and yesterday. I need to work on my catchphrase a bit I guess. “Hi I’m Mary Crowell and I’M SO EXCITED!” is bound to get old pretty quickly.

But it’s not old YET.

And yes . . . I’m INDEED so excited.

I am Kickstarting my new album, Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour!


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