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Bad Man Go Good

© 2001 by Karen Murphy and Mary Crowell.
My friend, Karen, decided to write a reply to Good Man Go Bad from
the blonde’s perspective. She added the last verse on a dare. I added a
chorus and tune, and voila!

I've watched a lot of good men go -- bad.
And damn it, now it's making me mad.
I do not see the attraction Or the kind of satisfaction
(They find) promised in the pleasures so easily had.

My honor halos around me -- like a cloak,
My name is one the good guys will invoke.
But although I can stand tall, And am known in every hall,
She's the one with whom he'd rather he woke.

(He's) living it up with some tart in a tower,
Giving it all to some witch with dagged sleeves.
Figure it out! She wants money and power.
"It must be my charm!" this moron believes.

She ruins lives and plots ill -- with the best,
As many of her victims can attest,
Yet though her evil's known -- Hell, it must be her cologne,
Our captain’s latest letter says that he is her guest.


He was just supposed to capture her tower and fort.
Now his message says, "I'm pleased to report,
“That she's truly a sweet jade, And I've really got it made.
Can I count on you to give us your unflagging support?"
[Spoken] ‘Cause He’s BUSY! Doing What?


I could tell him he's the third one she’s bested this year
Or suggest he might have something to fear.
But he's like all the rest, He'd just think that I'm a pest
For warning words of wisdom will fall on deaf ears.

But I'm tired of this game played out -- as she would.
I think it's time I do what's said I should.
I’ll find one of her men, And bring him back to Right again;
I've longed to make a bad man -- go good.
[Spoken] We’ll just turn the tables a bit. Hmmmmm? He’ll be . . .

Giving it all to me here in my tower, Giving it all, his soul to retrieve.
I'll turn him to good. Just give me an hour.
I have it within me to make him believe.

Or perhaps I should devise a novel plan
That doesn't risk the soul of any -- man.
If I give my own attention To her feminine dimension,
Make a bad woman go good, Oh -- I can.

(She’ll be) Giving it all to me here in my tower,
Giving it all, her soul to retrieve.
I'll turn her to good. Just give me an hour.
I have it within me to make her believe.

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