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Play It With Moxie Live!

CD art for Play It With Moxie Live!

Released December, 2011.

Play It With Moxie – Live! is available on CD and digital download. Find us on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, Bandcamp and ReverbNation. You can also get CDs and T-Shirts from the band at our live shows.

The album was recorded live over several years at the GAFilk, the Georgia Filk Convention. The participants on this project were: Dr. Mary Crowell (piano, vocals, clarinets), Carly Gibson (guitar, vocals), Teresa Powell (vocals, upright bass, trumpet), Jodi Krangle (vocals), Amy McNally (violin), George Powell (upright bass, tenor sax), Andrew Powell (vocals, alto sax), Brian Richardson (drums, emcee), and David Rood (trumpet). Engineered, mixed and mastered by Greg Robert. Producers: David Rood and Greg Robert. Executive Producers: Drs. Mary and Wesley Crowell.


  1. It Ain’t Right
  2. Pomegranate Tango
  3. Twisted
  4. Bad Things
  5. Trust In Me
  6. Miss Celie’s Blues
  7. Put A Lid On It
  8. Alien Jellyfish Song
  9. Skeletons In My Closet
  10. Jabba’s Good To You
  11. Devil With the Devil
  12. When Sunny Gets Blue
  13. Stray Dog Strut
  14. Fat Cat
  15. Devil of Stories
  16. Angel Eyes
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Play It With Moxie: Play It With Moxie Live!