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Courting My Muse

Courting My Muse cover image

Released April, 2007.

Recorded at The Vault; produced by Mary Crowell and Greg Robert. Engineered, mixed and mastered by Greg Robert. All songs written by Mary Crowell.*

Piano and vocals: Mary Crowell. Drums: Brian Richardson. Trumpet: David Rood. Bass: George Powell. Special thanks to Dominic DeSantis for the use of his basement.


  1. Summertime Beagle
  2. Galatea and Pygmalion
  3. Good Man Go Bad
  4. Magnus Retail
  5. Don't Leave Us Hanging
  6. Some Believe
  7. Captain of the Guard
  8. When I Grow Up
  9. Change of the Season
  10. Get Down Mama
  11. Two Hours Away
  12. Doctrine of Ethos
  13. Ravens
  14. Bad Man Go Good
  15. Legolas
*Bad Man Go Good written by Mary Crowell and Karen Murphy.

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