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Two Hours Away

© 2003 by Mary Crowell.
This was written while coming home from a World Science Fiction Convention
in Canada. It celebrates coming home to my husband and an end to a lengthy
period of writer’s block. No, I don’t play the banjo.

Two hours away,
The world’s a wing and a cotton Christmas display.
Sun glints into my eyes, its light, a triangle warm
On my pen and arm.

I’m flying home
Where you wait for me,
Flying home
Notebook on my knee.

Songs were sitting at home.
They stayed inside while they waited for me to roam.
Then I captured the sun on a wing in Canada skies.
Then those songs could rise.

Songbooks stacked up alone;
Piano’s near, but the room is silent of tone.
I love coming home, and yet why does going away
Tell me things are left to say?


I’m missing you, Love,
Suspended here in the clouds of Heaven above.
When I’m writing these words, and while I’m singing this song,
‘Journey seems so long. But I’m


Two hours away,
The world’s a wing and a cotton Christmas display.
Now I’m coming home on a wing in Canada’s skies.
Now my notes can rise!


And I come to Alabama with a notebook on my knee.

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