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Some Believe

© 2003 by Mary Crowell.
This song was composed while driving home to Mobile from
Cordele, GA in a torrential rainstorm. I had been at Robert
and Beth Cooke’s house for one of their musical get togethers,
and was generally inspired by both the weather and the musical
outpouring I experienced among my friends. (I also like mummies!)

Some believe you always die,
Age a force you can’t defy.
I do.
I shall all the gods surpass!
Hide my heart inside a glass
With magic sand that never falls
Frozen in translucent walls.
Powder soft, gives such delight,
My life
Hides in a drift of white.

They’re pouring wine upon my skin.
'Slender thread of patience thins
Grows taut.
Will they ever leave this place?
Linen wraps around my face.
I’m caught.
Gravity, it rules us all.
Still, I sought to slow the fall.
Sand in grasping fingers sifts,
My world,
Forever lost in drifts.

Wretched thief, who took the box!
'Hid the key.
My heart is locked.
Now, I’m cursed to never die,
Trapped within a rotting lie.
Then they moved me from my tomb
To a land of rain and gloom.

Pity he who bares my skin,
Feasts his eyes upon my grin
So wide.
Find my frozen work of art
Shatter it, and break the heart
Magic sand that never falls
Frozen in translucent walls.
Powder soft, gave such delight,
My hope
Hides in a drift of white.

Hidden high upon a shelf
Rests the glass that holds my Self.
I am cursed to ever live;
They cannot my pride forgive.
My things are with me to remind
Of sunny homelands left behind.

Some believe my bird has flown,
Left me here with all I own
Weigh my heart against a feather,
Dark and heavy like the weather
Rain will melt right through this mesh,
All that guards my rotting flesh,
Wrapped up tight against the chill,
My chest,
An empty hole to fill.

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