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Change of the Season

© 2002 by Mary Crowell.
Autumn. Some of my favorite songs are written in autumn. But, I always
fight a little bit of sadness brought on by the shortening days. Throw in a
little Greek mythology and you have this song.

The air is chilling, and my thoughts are reeling.
They consume me.
'Don’t know the reason this change of the season
makes me gloomy.
Try as I may,
It’s not June.

Dreaming of spring I can almost taste
Pomegranate, peppermint.
But then I wake, and I hear the wind
Moaning and lonely for her.

She’s got to go now to answer an old vow.
She is dying.
As I walk past her, the leaves falling faster,
She is crying.
Try as she may,
It’s not June.


Your mother’s weeping. The dark earth is sleeping
While I shiver.
Do not despair, Dear, the seeds in his lair near
By the river.
Try as you may,
Try as you may,
It’s not June.

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