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Devil Of Stories

© 2007 by Mary Crowell.

I’m going dancing with the Devil of Stories.
I’ve got a date with my destiny.
It may be tragic, but it never seems boring,
Brings out the worst and the best in me.

This is a story for the darkest ambitions.
It is a tale of vanity.
Two foolish lovers, and some hasty decisions,
A little sex, and insanity.

Take a look inside his journal;
Ballads, odes, and epigrams
Got me hooked. I’m his eternal –
An elegy and a slaughtered lamb.

He’s been a schemin’; he’s a demon of reason.
He’s misery, and I’m his biggest fan.
I keep on singing to the tunes that seem pleasin’,
‘Looks like I’ll dance though, at his command.

I’ve read the writing, and resisting is futile.
I’m going down in history.
We’ve hit the deadline, and the editing’s brutal.
Well, win or lose, it’s his victory.


I’m only crying ‘cause the story is ending.
The world I’ve known will be torn apart.
He’s smiling somewhere as realities bending.
The devil’s safe from a broken heart.
Repeat Verse I

[Footnote: Moxie won the duel with Mathias. But as it turned out that was the last requirement for his ascension to semi-divinity. In Wesley's Red Board Meta-campaign) Mathias is the Devil of Stories. His main domain is the cruelty of narrative.]

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