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Just Dessert

© 2007 by Mary Crowell.
Inspired by a dinner and duel between the characters Moxie and Mathias.

I remember
As I butter my bread
You so easily led me
Out of my head with the
Words that you said.
Oh, Darlin’,
I’m gonna kill you!

I nibble on cheese and
Think of your treacheries.
You are the reason
That our destinies
Are dark. Yes, Dear.
You’re gonna die.

Oh, I’m thinking as I sip my wine,
You’re debonair, Your looks’, sublime.
But, Darlin’, oh Darlin’,
You’re gonna die.

I remember,
As I spoon up my soup,
Jumping through hoops,
Mind led in loops.
Oh, I was your dupe.
I’m gonna kill you!

As I sample the greens,
I’m choosing my means,
Pondering scenes
Played out with a fiend
I know. Yes, Sweet.
You’re gonna die.



I’ll remember
That we dined on filet,
Revenge our entrée
Shared on this day that
I made you pay.
Oh, Darlin’,
I’m gonna kill you!

And I’ll remember
Sharing a quip
As our brandies we sipped.
Then I curled my lip
E’er your heart out I ripped.
Oh, Darlin’!
You’re gonna die!

Oh, I’m thinking as I smile at you
The lies you tell, the things you do.
You know that part of just dessert
Is making sure you’re gonna hurt.
Oh, Darlin’, oh Darlin’,
I’m gonna kill you.
Oh, Darlin’, my sweet Darlin’,
You’re gonna die.
You’re gonna die.
You’re gonna die.
[Spoken: Hey! What’s in this sauce?]

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