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Mary at the keys


Massacre Anne

© 2011 by Mary Crowell.

We are riding ‘cross the desert
On a mammoth post-apocalyptic
For the path is most Vile,
And the visions kind of cryptic.
Sun isn’t set,
But it’s getting quite ecliptic
We’re stalking an angel in style.

We are fleeing ‘cross the desert
With a wicked lord of necromancy
Oh, his art is most vile
Making zombies for his fancy
Opened a door
Now his future’s kind of chancy
Darkness is spreading for miles.

I feel a cloud over me. Are those zombies I see?
And that priest, is he losing his soul?
Well, I’m Massacre Anne, and I do what I can
To bring the Master back living and whole.

Living whirlwind in the desert
The familiar to beloved master
Saw an Angel most vile
Slay the wizards, cause disaster.
Death from the air
Elemental and much faster
Revenge keeps him here for awhile.

The Master’s been taken, and now I’m alone
His rings on my fingers, his Mark in my bones.


There’s a secret in the desert
He’s a priest of guile and elocution
But deception most vile
Caused his wrongful prosecution.
Events have conspired
To delay his execution;
He’s only beginning his trials.

Keep a paper in the desert
It’s a list of those who needed killing.
But that angel most vile
Made my missions less fulfilling,
Stolen my thrills.
For my Master I’m willing
To stalk this dark angel with style.

Mammoth and mutants and we curs-ed four
Villains kill villains to settle the score


(Extra Chorus)
And there’s no more forgiving ‘tween the deadly and the living
And my sword is a Will of his own.
Well, I’m Massacre Anne, and I do what I can
To bring the Master back flesh, soul, and bone,
To bring the Master back living and whole,
To bring the Master back flesh, bone, and, soul.

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