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Pas De Deux

© 2007 by Mary Crowell.

Devil or Angel, she flies on dark wings,
Listens to ravens, and kisses her king, the
Devil of Stories. She’s married him now,
Starting her new life with flourish and bow.

Don’t worry, ‘Just Stories.
It’s not your turn.
Don’t fear them. Just hear how
Someone else burns.

Cruelty her consort, and she is his Queen.
Writing together, they’re felt but not seen.
Dancing and music, and all of their Art,
Come now together and then tear apart.

Don’t worry, ‘Just Stories.
Not like it seems.
Don’t fear them. Just merely
Part of your dreams.

She’s a bit whimsical, loves a romance.
She sponsors comebacks, and gives one more chance.
His is the tension, the plotting, the strife. He
Smiles as he writes like the edge of a knife.

Don’t worry, ‘Just Stories.
Not like it’s real.
Don’t fear them. Just hear how
Someone else feels.

After we’ve faced what we hate and we fear, the
Curtain falls slowly. The house lights appear.
Now that it’s over, Luv, how do you feel?
Isn’t it nice to know none of it’s real

Don’t worry, ‘Just Stories.
Not really true.
Don’t fear what you know can’t
Happen to you.

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