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Pomegranate Tango

© 2006 by Mary Crowell.

You're such a Devil! You whisked me away,
I, picking flowers, the Maiden at play.
Nobody saw you, and Nobody spoke.
I miss my Mother whose poor heart you broke.

I sat beside you and looked at the fruit,
Considered my options, examined your suit.
Addictive it was; yes, the first one was free.
I need the juice; Darling, you own the tree.

I ate the pomegranate.
I hate you. I can't stand it!
Now I can't leave you alone.
(I'm) Ceding control to you and
Needing the scarlet juice. You've Taught me things I've never known.

Hades! Such a way with the
Ladies. How you hate the way
They tease! Then they always say "No."
Falling for your ruse is ap-
-Palling --no excuse for my
Crawling. But I do love it so.

I thought to taste just a few of the seeds.
(Thought) no one was watching to witness my deeds.
I was so wrong; now the case is, My Dear.
I have to stay 'til the spring of each year.

Why did you have to choose me,
Frighten me and confuse me?
I was naive, I can't believe how you deceived!


Lured by a flower I couldn't resist.
Pity the girl who had never been kissed!
'Tasted the fruit, yeah. My lips are stained red.
Who am I now, but the Queen of the Dead.
Who am I now, but the Queen of the Dead.
Who am I now but the [Very Jesus Christ Superstar moment here]
Queen of the Queen of the Queen of the…

I ate the pomegranate. Now I can't leave you alone.

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