Back from Oregon and Chicon Schedule!

Back from Oregon and Chicon Schedule!

Mary in front of a very big tree at a park in McMinnville, Oregon

I posted nothing here on this blog during the first few years of the pandemic. I had enough get up and go to post some to my Patreon page at, and that was about it. I even got off of Facebook. So what follows is my most recent post on Patreon. I am going to try to update this blog more regularly–especially since my dear friend and bandmate, Teresa Powell, has been working hard to update my website. (It’s not ready just yet, but soon!)

I am back from the Willamette area of Oregon! My Dad, brother, and I got to visit our cousins (and my cousin-in-lay Nin who took this photo) in Oregon for the first time in three years! I snapped a few selfies with the Ben Franklin statue (a time honored practice,) tried a couple of wineries like Anne Amie and Cougar Crest that I hadn’t been to before, and walked all over marveling at the supernatural gorgeousness that is Willamette Valley. Seriously, I take so many photos every time I visit and just shake my head–they will never do it justice.

Then (once Dad and my brother flew home) I visited some dear friends of mine (Brian and Suzan) who moved to the area before the Pandemic. We logged in and watched Concert Under the Trees which was filmed and recorded at Betsy Tinney’s house by Brian. Betsy had a concert, and then vixy and Tony. The next day it was Alexander James Adams and the Menage a Trio. They sounded SUPERB. I MISS THEM SO MUCH!!! (But I got to say hello to a lot of you in the chat, and that was so great. I MISS YOU TOO!!!!!)

Before I  left for Oregon. I had recorded clarinet (Sidney) on Lauren Oxford née Cox’s gorgeous song, “Magnitude.” It’s going to be on her NEW ALBUM, and I love this song so much! Then I recorded BASS clarinet on her jazzy romantic track, “Sleeping” and that was especially cool because it meant Sampson, my bass clarinet, got to dance with Sunnie’s violin and Jen Midkiff’s harp. I love playing Sampson. I was describing how bass clarinets sound to a friend of mine the other day. I said, “Bass clarinet has a growling evil urbane gentleman voice in its low end and slightly saxophone sound in its upper end.” Yes, I think of Hades, of course. You have met me.

So, now I am home and trying to get some recording done before Chicon 2022. One project needs piano (Amy’s upcoming album!) and the other needs the aforementioned Sampson (another album that I am not sure it’s ok to announce yet, so I am holding off until they say it’s ok.)

And . . . Tina Connolly as written some DELICIOUS lyrics for one of the pieces on a musical she, CSE Cooney, and I are writing together. I’ve got chords and a possible tune. I just need to put it all together and record it. So yeah. Stuff to do.

I have mailed out some of the Squiggles stickers and will continue to do so, until l have sent them to all of y’all that I have addresses for.

Ahem. . . .

Chicon Schedule

Electronic Music in SFF Film: From Forbidden Planet Onwards 

(I’m moderating this one.)

Description From the electronic tonalities of Forbidden Planet to Tangerine Dream and Daft Punk, electronic music has been around the film world for decades. From TV theme songs and movie soundtracks to pop charts, electronica has evolved right alongside SFF. Electronica is science fiction, it is music made by machines, and the sound has defined so much SFF film.

Space/Time Randolph 3 Friday, September 2, 2022, 4:00 PM CDT–60 minutes / In Person Panel / Music & Filk

Seanan McGuire and Dead Sexy

Description Join Seanan McGuire and her amazing backing band, Dead Sexy, composed of filkers from around the country (and sometimes the world) as they perform a mix of original music and covers for your enjoyment.

Space/Time Plaza AB Friday, September 2, 2022, 7:00 PM CDT–60 minutes /In Person Concert /Music & Filk

Dr. Mary Crowell / Cheshire Moon

Description Dr. Mary Crowell is a chanteuse who teaches piano and composition and a accompanies a choir for a living. She loves RPGs, and sings about gaming, love, lust, and whatever else strikes her. She’s been known to go from sultry to silly in the blink of an eye.

Cheshire Moon, consisting of daft fae Lizzie Crowe and Head of Shenanighans Eric Coleman, will be performing songs, some of which will be off of their upcoming albums, Callenwood, and one yet to be named! From guardians to gods to ghostly encounters, come see what goes bump in the night and beyond!

Space/Time Plaza AB Saturday, September 3, 2022, 1:00 PM CDT–60 minutes /In Person Concert /Music & Filk

Are Lyrics Poetry and Vice Versa?

Description Let’s compare the standard lyrics form (one chorus, three verses, optional bridge) to poetry forms. Can you rock out to a sestina or a villanelle? And does iambic pentameter really matter?

Space/Time Randolph 3 Saturday, September 3, 2022, 4:00 PM CDT–60 minutes / In Person Panel / Music & Filk

(Photography by Nin Matteo)

Mary in front of a very big tree at a park in McMinnville, Oregon

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