Pi Day Post

Pi Day Post

Happy Pi Day, everybody!

I have received many Pi day sale emails today, and I wish I had a Pi song, but I don’t. That is something I should think about next March for my Patreon perhaps.

Thanks to a songwriters’ group I’m in, I’ve been writing a song a week since 2017 began. I even wrote extra songs, because I and my muse are like that lately! Many of them are not happy songs, but some have managed to be funny. Also, it looks like we are going to be gaming more frequently with our local friends this coming year, so I anticipate diving back into writing gaming songs.

FAWM (February Album Writing Month)

I also participated in FAWM (February Album Writing Month) for the first time. I put up only two songs this time, but I hope to do better next year. FAWM gives you stats for breaking zongs. That means if you find a song that has no comments yet (a zong), listen to it, and give the writer some feedback, you have broken a zong. That’s really cool and encourages a sense of community and you end up listening to a wide variety of music and singers.

Here are the two songs I posted at FAWM:

“Deathstar Chris”and “You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Hungry”

Patreon Changes

As a result of this prolific writing, I’ve changed up my Patreon, so that I am no longer paid per work but instead per month. That let’s me make a really polished song or two and perhaps video for the $1+ patrons, share more of the behind the scenes work with $5+ patrons, and share all the songs I’m doing plus the extra ones that are just getting started with the $10+ patrons. $25+ patrons get compositions written just for them. My patron page is here: http://patreon.com/drmaryccrowell


I am also going to be traveling a bit this spring, more than I anticipated. I have just returned from Dorsal Thing (an end of the year celebration for a service organization), and will be going to the following conventions/gatherings:

  • Consonance in the San Francisco Bay Area March 23-26
  • Bill and Brenda’s House Filk in Danville, IN April 15
  • Filk Ontario in Toronto, ON Canada April 21-23
  • MARCON in Columbus, OH May 12-14
  • Musical Presentation Rotary Club in Athens, AL May 19
  • Balticon in Baltimore, MD May 26-29
Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour

If you want to acquire physical copies of Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour you may buy them from me if we happen to encounter each other. Bill Roper of Secret Empire has some he will bring to various sci fi and filk conventions. I will be bringing some to all the conventions and gatherings I just mentioned. You can buy physical copies at CDBaby and Bandcamp.

Persephone detail by Starr Weems

Persephone Playlist on Spotify

I have begun playing around with playlists on Spotify. It’s pretty fun, and I love that you can easily share them. Here is my Persephone Playlist! Since I have three songs about the story of Persephone (Greek goddess of the Underworld), I started hunting around for other songs about her. I WOULD LOVE TO FIND MORE! Please, share if you know of other Persephone songs on Spotify. (There are definitely other Persephone songs–they are just not available on Spotify yet unfortunately.)

Coffee With A Friend

I’m making a music video for Coffee With A Friend! Would you like to be in it? Please, comment below if yes. Also, share pleaseany insight into making pool noodle tentacles while you are at it.




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