Working on the a new D&D music video

Working on the a new D&D music video

I’ve started working on the blocking for a new music video. The song “M is for Magic Missile” appeared on my 2012 album Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories. You can listen to it on bandcamp, CDBaby’s YouTube album art version, iTunes, Spotify, and other sites if you are not familiar with it. But it is a wizard’s A, B, C’s (based on D&D 3.5). And I have embraced the no to low budget approach to music video creation. Some music videos I made completely in house, like “I Put My Low Stat” this past summer. Local gaming friends came over. I fed them and filmed them for about 5 hours, and then I edited the video in iMovies. The music video turned out hilarious, because I game with some really super folks. (And the script helped too!)

The next music video, “Runner Five,” was filmed partially in house with a script and partially made up of stills and video footage from friends dressed to go running, usually as Runner 5 sometimes running away from other people dressed as zombies. And there are other music videos since these, but they didn’t have scripts so much as they had themes and guidelines for those wishing to be a part of the madness.

I’d like the music video for “M is for Magic Missile” to be like the “Runner Five” music video. It has a theme–Wizards and their love for Magic Missiles. So I would love to feature clips of people cosplaying as wizards, witches, sorceresses, and spell casters of all kinds however simply (bathrobe) or elaborate (Malificent) as they want to be–pretending to be casting the D&D spell Magic Missile at foes. (And I can put a montage of that on during the many repetitions of the chorus.)

But the intro and verse work will require blocking and a script. I’ll be brain storming quite a bit about it over at Patreon, and please do feel free to join our musical silliness there. But, I also have a mailing list. And I am about to start using it as well, because I would like to involve many people in these collaborative music videos. These projects are SO MUCH FUN! Please, comment here too if you’re interested. (And if Captcha will let you.)



And speaking of Patreon, Disney Lovers check out this gorgeous medley performed by Evynne Hollens sponsored by her patrons on Patreon.

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  1. Yes,
    totally interested! Kind regards, Hans

    • Bwee! I am so glad, Hans. I’m going to be posting some updates from California this weekend. We are finishing up my bits on the upcoming album this weekend. I have gotten some wizard video clips this past week, but I need much much more.


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