I Was Interviewed on Radio Free NerdCore!

I Was Interviewed on Radio Free NerdCore!

Happy April Everyone!

Last semester I was honored and delighted to be interviewed by ~Switch, a Nerdcore Connoisseur, DJ, and Podcaster!

To quote his bio: DJ Switch is from Portland, OR. He’s the resident DJ for the Portland Retro Gaming Expo and has hosted panels and events at Rose City CC, PAX and other nerdy cons.

For the podcast, ~Switch asked me for a list of ten excellent filk tracks, and then we talked about them on the show after he had gotten  a chance to listen to them. I had tons of fun! (And I think he did too.) There is SO MUCH great music to listen to in the world of filk, so I made no attempt to put my list in order. And I could make several more of those lists and feel equally delighted about sharing them all. Have a listen!

RFN Episode 28 Interview with Dr. Mary Crowell

“This week, Switch learns a little about Filk music from Dr. Mary Crowell!”


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