M is for Magic Missile is in the Origins Film Festival this year!

M is for Magic Missile is in the Origins Film Festival this year!

Origins Film Festival Official Selection 2019

Both ‘M’ is for Magic Missile and I Put My Low Stat are going to be in the fourth annual Origins Film Festival at Origins Game Fair June 12-16! This is extra awesome, because many of the folks I know online and through Patreon are in the M is for Magic Missile video. Making a music videos fun. Making a collaborative music video is stellar! I always get delightful surprises from the interpretations of my stage directions (which are admittedly not that specific most of the time.)

I really appreciate my music and creative communities like Filk and Soulwriters and most recently Start With This. My patrons on Patreon support these music videos directly with encouragement, suggestions, and financial support. I am so happy a bunch of them are IN M is for Magic Missile!

Also, this month I got to upgrade to the latest version of Finale (v. 26) thanks to my Patreon subscription support! Finale is the music publishing software I use when transcribing my own music or music for various songbooks–particularly–GAFilk’s songbook. GAFilk is an Atlanta area filk convention that meets every January the weekend after New Years. It is very special to me. And hey, it’s when Play It With Moxie gets to perform.



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