I Put My Low Stat is Going to Origins Game Fair!

I Put My Low Stat is Going to Origins Game Fair!

As some of you may seen on Facebook while I was losing my mind in delight, I Put My Low Stat: the Music Video has been selected to be included in the Origins Game Fair Film festival! It will be shown at Origins Game Fair this summer (June 14th-18th)The music for this video was recorded at Mystic Fig Studio by Jeff Bohnhoff and features the talents of Maya Bohnhoff, Jeff Bohnhoff, Michelle “vixy” Dockrey, and Sunnie Larsen!

Actors/Actresses in the video include Sean Jaco, Caleb Jaco, Shelby Jaco, Andrew Foxx, Wesley Crowell, Simon Crowell, and me!

The song “I Put My Low Stat” is part of a gaming album I released in 2012, Acolytes of the Machine & Other Gaming Stories

The gorgeous album art for the album was created by Starr Weems de Graffenried, and the graphic design for the album was brilliantly done by Misty Granade.

MY AMAZING PATRONS ON PATREON, are the reason I summoned up the gumption to make this video and others like it afterward. So Thank you so much!

Here is a link to the version with Wesley in the credits–it’s the version I turned in to the festival: I Put My Low Stat: The Smug DM version. There is an earlier version with over 6,000 hits on Youtube that I posted before I realized I needed to add the smug DM credits.

According to the schedule, I Put My Low Stat will be screened at 4 pm, Saturday at Origins Game Fair June 17, 2017.

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