Run! She’s Going to Cast Magic Missile!

Run! She’s Going to Cast Magic Missile!

Art by Kevin Mason

Kevin Mason, Artist and Game Creator, spinner of amazing tales, and much much more from Sydney, New South Wales has just made some art for me based on a photograph taken by Ryan Nutick of Tanuki photography back in 2013.
Check out Kevin’s website here:
And go here for his podcast broadcasts: 
We met on Twitter after Kevin discovered my gaming music, and he recently asked me if he could make some gaming art for me. I said YES! And here it is.

Origins Film Festival and Travel Plans

I am off to Cedar Point with Amy and Brooke and from there to Origins Game Fair. I am so excited that a music video y’all helped support, I Put My Low Stat, will be screened at Origins Film Festival on Saturday June 17 at 4:00 pm in room A 226. Then Simon is going to his orientation at Ohio State. Yes, folks, the cheese hat Crowell is going to be a freshmen Buckeye next year. *sob*
After that, I’ll get back to work! (I’m going to get a few clips for the video while I’m out of pocket though.)
A while back I mentioned I had a show at Origins. That turned out to not be the case due to some confusion. But, there is a good chance I will have one next year. So onward!

Mary Crowell Patreon Year One Now Available on Bandcamp

Yes, I gave my patrons on Patreon a day to have it all to themselves and then made this collection of a year’s worth of work on Patreon publicly available on Bandcamp! You may buy it and download it there. OR, you can pledge my Patreon during the month of June. If you become one of my patrons during this lovely summer month, I’ll send you a free download code. Note to folks who got the Flashdrive during my Kickstarter for Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour: you already have this music. I did finally divide up those huge concerts into individual tracks though.

Mary Crowell’s Patreon Year One


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