Mary Crowell’s Patreon Year One Available Soon!

Mary Crowell’s Patreon Year One Available Soon!

I have uploaded almost all my Patreon songs from Year One to  Bandcamp as one big album. This week I’m emailing each of my patrons on Patreon to send them each their own band download code so they can acquire it. Right now it is published but set to private. In the middle of the week, I’ll make it available to the public.

This album will NOT include “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” alas because that is a cover. CDBaby  has a simple set up for publishing covers, so I will sell that cover there. If you are a patron, you can also scroll back through two years of my Patreon page and get “Ain’t No Rest” that way too.

Thirty-two tracks coming your way via! You may have all 32 sound files (29 plus three bonus tracks) for $10. There are two entire concerts on it: MARCON 2015 and CONFLUENCE 2015. These feature Amy McNally and Brooke Abbey respectively. And of course there are the many songs I recorded in my home studio during that first year (May 2015-May 2016).

HOWEVER, ANYONE JOINING MY PATREON DURING THE MONTH OF JUNE 2017 will be emailed a free download code for this album as a subscription incentive.

(Please, spread the word.)

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