Mary’s Balticon Schedule

Safari ate my first draft of this. Boo! Pout!
At Balticon?? . . . Kent is WHERE IT’S HAPPENING, BABY! Well, except on Saturday at 2:00 pm and then Salon CD is WHERE IT’S HAPPENING! Amy McNally is Musical Guest of Honor at Balticon this year! Raaaaaargh! Go Amy! And I am her plus one/accompanist. (I feel like that should be a bardic magic item: +1 accompanist.)

Anyway, here is my Balticon  schedule. (Amy is doing EVEN MOAR THINGS!)

Saturday, May 27th

10:00am Recording and Marketing Your Songs: (60 mins) Kent
Rand Bellavia, Mary Crowell, Devo Spice, Maugorn, James Noll, Ada Palmer
11:00am So You Want to Start a Band or Singing Group!: (60 mins) Kent
Rand Bellavia, Mary Crowell, Emily Lewis, Amy McNally, Ada Palmer, Batya Wittenberg
2:00pm GOH Concert: Amy McNally (60 mins) MD Salons CD Amy McNally, Mary Crowell

Sunday, May 28th

11:00am Beginning Instrumental Improvisation (60 mins) Kent Mary Crowell, Maugorn, Amy McNally
8:00pm Concert: Mary Crowell (60 mins) Kent

9:00pm Concert: Rand and Erin Bellavia (60 mins) Kent
(They’ve asked me to be on a couple of songs.)

Monday May 29th

1:00pm Instrumental Jam Kent
Maugorn, Amy McNally
(I’m not listed on the instrumental jam, but I’ll be there for jamming on clarinet with hopefully a bunch of other jammers come to join the jamming party.)
3:00pm Dead Dog Open Filk (2 hours)
 One last chance to get your musical licks in before you hit the road! The mike is open — y’all come on!
(I’ll be there too!)

Progress Report:

My MARCON 2015 concert with the aforementioned stellar Amy McNally has now been divided up into tracks. I have excised many of the “um’s” and other patter. If you miss the patter, you can always go to Soundcloud and listen there. I will not be able to upload these and the rest of Patreon Year One until I get back from Balticon most likely–as I still have to divide up my Confluence 2015 set with Bodacious Brooke Abbey too.

Today is prep and packing, although it seems quiet outside for a change (too wet for yard work muhahahah!) so I might try to lay down vocals for “I’m a Little Bee.”

I’ll try to pack a couple of tentacles in my luggage, so that I can get more footage for “Coffee With A Friend” while I’m at Balticon. (That last sentence has made me very happy.)


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