Show Tonight plus Two videos!

Show Tonight plus Two videos!

Tonight I’m getting to play a concert at a Huntsville, AL sci-fi convention called Constellation. My show starts at 10:00 pm, and is the last thing tonight on the schedule which means it shouldn’t conflict with any other panels. Constellation is held at the Sheraton Four Points at Huntsville’s airport, and the online schedule shows that I will be in room A. If you are in the area and have been wanting to check out the local science fiction and gaming scene, please do come to Constellation¬† this weekend!

Also, I’ve out two new videos up this past week.

One is the recorded live stream that Amy McNally and I performed together while she visited me last week. Neither of us had ever live streamed a home concert, so it was an adventure! Due to technical difficulties (the internet connection) the first song, “Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour” did not end up on the main live stream. We had fun! The play list is coincidentally (It really is just a coincidence!) Amy McNally’s new rag time song, “Constellation Rag,” Dr.Who by Grainer,and Derbyshire/Wedding March by Wagner, Sherlock Theme/Tetris, and “Galatea” by Mary Crowell. Even though we live streamed it last week, the footage was recorded. You can watch it here!

Amy McNally and Mary Crowell recorded Live Stream

And I finished editing a live action music video for M is for Magic Missile! Many people sent in silly footage of themselves and friends costumed as wizards, and I filmed some scenes at my house. Ooo! And I used green screen for the first time. I made my son Simon don the green Kodachrome suit for some of the clips used here. Have fun!

Mary Crowell’s M is for Magic Missile–Live Action Music Video

This video was made possible by my awesome Patrons on Patreon. We are having so much fun there! Please, consider joining us if you like what you see and would like to influence or just enjoy future music projects!



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