GAFilk 2017 Songbook

GAFilk 2017 Songbook

Hi all! I’ve been meaning to plug the GAFilk songbook for a few weeks now. Note, that the website is showing last year’s dates right now because I have not let our most excellent web-mistress know what this year’s dates are. Ahem. Bad me! So, here we go!

Submissions are now open for the GAFilk 2017 Songbook! No theme in particular. If you want it transcribed by me, please get it to me before November 30, 2016. Parodies can be turned as late as December 7, 2016. You may email me at

To quote our website:

The GAFilk Songbook
Every year GAFilk publishes an amazing PDF songbook that is given to every member and supporting member. Contributors receive a complimentary copy and are immortalized forever.
Parodies should credit the original tune and songwriter. Original song submissions should include lead sheet with either mono-spaced font (chords appropriately placed), … OR a CD or MP3 for transcription as time allows (no tapes, please).

Mary Crowell

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