Tomorrow I fly out to Texas for FenCon and will be busy busy busy! Seriously. It’s going to be fun though, and I’ve been putting TWO set lists together for my Saturday 2 pm concert and my Sunday 1 pm concert. The schedule has changed a few times, and those times are not written in stone–just electrons. Bill and Brenda Sutton are Musical Guests of Honor at FenCon, and have invited me to play along a bit on one of their sets–right now it looks like I’ll be playing on their Saturday set. (They have three concerts, so they are going to be running too!) I’ll be on a Kids and music panel on Sunday with Triskelion (Floyd and Sara Brigdon), and I’ll teach yoga class on Saturday morning.

I’m in that pre travel whirl trying to get everything packed and planned and practiced, but I wanted to make sure and check in with y’all. Have a wonderful weekend! Please, let me know if I’ll see you at FenCon.

Ooh oooh! Before I forget, September 30th is my deadline for M is for Magic Missile Footage. Message me here or wherever we connect on social media, and we can figure out how to get your footage to me if you want to be in the video. (Also, there is a little bit of wiggle room, if you need a deadline extension.) This will be another project that my AMAZING SPECTACULAR PATRONS on PATREON helped make possible. Please, do consider joining them in contributing to my music and music videos.

Also, I owe everyone a big Kickstarter update for Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour, and I will post it when I get back from FenCon. The new album is sounding so gorgeous! I cannot wait to gush about it properly.

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