Dishwasher, You Have Broken

Dishwasher, You Have Broken

Hi Lovely Folks and Welcome to February!

I recorded a new song recently, and had several guests on the recording: Amy McNally, James Mahaffey, and my son Simon Crowell. “Dishwasher, You Have Broken”  was inspired by a weekly Soul Writers song prompt. The lyric phrase “something wicked” had to be  part of your lyrics. My husband Wesley was trying to repair our dishwasher, as it was making an alarming noise. For the record, my husband did fix the problem that was causing the weird noise, but then the door handle broke for good later that week. So that dishwasher is alas no more.

This song is available as a download for my Patreon patrons and my band subscribers. I really appreciate them, because they give my music so much support and me so much encouragement. They are wonderful audiences to write for and get a great deal of say in what projects I decide to pursue.

Dishwasher, You Have Broken

Copyright 2017 by Mary Crowell

Song Credits: Mary Crowell on lead vocals, piano, MIDI percussion; Amy McNally backing vocals and violin; Simon Crowell, backing vocals; James Mahaffey, bass. You All Rock Mightily! Vocals and violin recorded and mixed in Logic Pro X with an AT-4050 microphone. Bass recorded in James Mahaffey’s private studio. Album Art by Wesley Crowell

Something wicked in the kitchen

Our dishwasher’s clickin’. Oh! It’s twitchin’.

‘Wond’ring if someone’s done bewitched it

My true love says he’ll try to fix it.

But what’s that greenish glow?

Frightening, I know—right?

Mm mm mm mm . . .

Cooking eggs up over easy.

The bacon juice is hot and greasy—

That sound behind me. I’m uneasy

Can we repair it easy peasy?

A portal opens, so.

I’ve gotten scared, you know? Right.


Dishwasher, you have broken.

Dishwasher, I’m not joking.

You can’t be bringing Deep Ones here, by gosh.

This bad behavior just won’t wash.

Dishwasher, Dishwasher, Dishwasher, Oh.

Warranties don’t cover portals,

Incursions by malign immortals.

I’m on hold and getting bored. In-

-fernal thing, why do you chortle?

The dangers you impose,

Mean we must now be foes.


Something wicked in our kitchen.

The damned thing needs some love and fixin’

Or else a hammer—get my licks in.

‘Hear cackles now—donner, blitzen.

We’ll get a new one so,

I think this one can go.


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