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Hello Folks out there in internet land from Alabama where we are not known for our mild summers.

Last night Crowbot house (That’s our house) hosted Leslie Hudson for a house concert. She was (and is!) poignant, powerful, and delightful. She’s a Canadian singer/songwriter on keyboard with a wide variety of influences like Tori Amos, and sounds she sees and tastes, and life experiences. And she has been writing so many songs that I get to see and hear something new and innovative every time I am at one of her performances. She is touring the lower 48 states, and if you check out her website you might be able to catch one of her performances or even host her yourself for a house concert. Leslie’s next several performances will be with SJ Tucker, a phenomenal talent from Arkansas. (And when I say ‘talent’ in this context, I mean skilled and brilliant as all get-out.)

Leslie Hudson as Morrigan by Herb Leonhard http://LeslieHudson.com

Mary and Leslie awaiting the firework show at Old Railroad Bridge in Florence, AL on July 4, 2017

Speaking of SJ Tucker . . .

SJ Tucker is running a digital music sale right now. It ends July 20, 2017 so go get you some tunes!

Beth Norwood and The Arts Underground Show

Alicia Cole, Kimeko Farrar, and I were featured on Beth’s Arts Underground show via WLRH on June 24th. Alicia recited her poems over music (Memory Splice) recorded by C.S.E. Cooney (who is a fantastic author as well as musician and actress!) And Kimeko’s segment features an interview with her about her work and her CD of poetry and music, Kimeko: Woman I Am. I have really enjoyed listening to Cole and Farrar’s pieces and am honored and delighted to be included with them. Thank you, Beth, for featuring us in your show!

Sofonda’s Speakeasy

Also in June, I went to Sofonda’s Speakeasy hosted by Posey Peep Show at the Flying Monkey Theatre in Huntsville, AL.. This was an eclectic and entertaining shindig with puppets, poetry, stories, and song at times creepy, sexy, and humorous–it was almost always humorous—and I want to go to another one! Beth Norwood, who hosts it with elegant languid grace as Sofonda, kindly let me hop up on stage a couple of times and perform. Sofonda, Miss Cookie, Ben Shapiro, Angelyn Young, Caleb, Joey, Valentino, Princess, Cindy Small: you are all superb!

Upcoming Farmer’s Market gig This Saturday!

I’ve got another local gig coming up! This one is at the Athens Saturday Market in Athens AL on July 15, 2017 on 409 W Green Street from 8 am to noon.

I’ll be playing summery jazzy music on my keyboard and singing summer songs! It will be fun, and there are so many yummy things: fresh locally grown veggies, beautifully baked breads, jams and jellies, ceramics, handmade cards, and more.

GAFiA stands for Georgia Filkers Anonymous (I think).

This is a group of people who enjoy filk music in Georgia and a few surrounding states. I tend to think of us as southeastern regional filkers. (SERFilk?) I made that up. Anyway. We haven’t done as many house filks and concerts in the last several years, and I want to help change that. It is wonderful inspiration and fun to get to hear new music (and old) with friends and occasionally share one’s own songs—particularly with food and comfort in the hospitality of someone’s home. This is what made me fall in love with filk music back in the early 2000’s, and I would like it to be a more frequent occurrence. So I am now one of the GAFia admins. If you would like to be added to the list, comment here or on the GAFilk Facebook page.

Patreon (I’m a Little Bee)

I’ve been a busy little bee on Patreon. (Did the pun hurt you? Heh.) My latest recording for Patreon is posted! If you are one of my patrons at any level you get to have the mp3. But, I’ve made streaming access available on soundcloud via my Patreon post.

Mary Crowell’s Patreon: Year One

The first year of my Patreon (May 2015-May 2016) is available for download from Bandcamp. Thirty-Two tracks of music for you!


Right now the big things coming up in August (besides the total solar eclipse) are 1)  taking our son Simon “Cheesehat Crowbot” Crowell to Ohio State University for the great moving in. AND 2) The Athens University Community Band (conducted by Roy Adams) has a performance on August 4th at 6:30 pm on the Founders Hall steps on the campus of Athens State University.  I’ll be playing bass clarinet . . . See you there!

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