Alchemy Lounge Saturday Night May 20

Alchemy Lounge Saturday Night May 20


We are back from a delightful MARCon in Columbus, OH! Laundry is done, and things are slowly getting put away (like the pool noodle tentacles.) Thanks so much to Trace Hageman for organizing a wonderful Filk track and Mark, Roberta, Em, and Pat for making the sound sublime during all the concerts. (They are a delight to work with–a well-oiled machine of excellence.) I got to make music with Talis Kimberley, Daniel Gunderson, Teresa Gunderson, Amy McNally, and Dave Clement during Talis’s delicious Saturday set. A superb group of musicians and a joy to work with. And then my heart melted anew on Sunday during my concert with Brenda Sutton, Brooke Abbey, and Amy McNally. Judi miller signed these concerts with grace, charm, and humor as she does. And I am smiling even now as I type this. I was lucky enough to catch some of Tom Smith’s set and Daniel Gunderson’s and loved what I got to hear. Lot’s of hugs and shared meals also make for a wonderful Convention.

Coffee With A Friend

And thank you to ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO WAVED POOL NOODLE TENTACLES! I have looked through the footage, and it is GREAT! Folks, I haven’t started putting the Coffee With A Friend music video footage together, so it is not too late to be in this music video. You don’t have to have tentacles (although it helps!) You can just pose for video or photos with a cup of coffee. (Landscape orientation of the camera is preferred.)

Friday Events

This weekend is very eventful as well! Tomorrow at lunch time I will present some of my music at our Athens Rotary club. I’m really excited! I’ve been playing piano for them since July and enjoying the speakers and camaraderie of the organization. And then SIMON CROWELL graduates from High School tomorrow night! I am so proud of him.  <3 <3 <3 And I am already thinking of how much I’ll miss him next year when he is away in college. “Sunrise Sunset” is playing over and over in my head. As part of the awesomeness of his graduation, my bandmate Teresa Powell is coming to town to see her honorary nephew graduate.

Saturday Event

And then Saturday night, Teresa is joining me on stage at Alchemy Lounge at Lowe Mill in Huntsville, AL. I’ll be playing two 45 minute sets from 8 pm to 10 pm. We will be doing a bunch of my geeky gaming songs and new mythological things from Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour. But, I want to include some of our Three Weird Sisters and Birds of a Feather material too. And some surprises!

Click here for details about Alchemy Lounge Gig.

In other news, I will be releasing all the songs from Scattering Seeds on the Pomegranate Tour as singles. The first of these, “Courting My Muse” is up now. Starr Weems has given me permission to use the Kickstarter Bookmark goddesses as cover art for these singles. If you already have the album, then you already have this single. But, Judi as Galatea is just so lovely, I wanted to share the image here in this post!

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