Mary’s MARCON schedule

Mary’s MARCON schedule

Dr. Mary Crowell’s MARCON


FRI 7:00PM – 8:30PM Union D-E Music/Filk Pure Imagination Part 1: Exploring the vision behind the song writing
SAT 10:00AM – 11:30AM Union D-E Music/Filk Closed for Sound Check
SAT 2:30PM – 4:00PM Union D-E Music/Filk Talis Kimberley concert
SAT 4:00PM – 5:30PM Regency Ballroom Autographs Autograph Session (Sat 4:00pm)
SAT 8:30-10pm -Union D-E Music/Filk Accompanying Merav Hoffman on two of her songs during her set
SUN 11:30AM – 1:00PM Union D-E Music/Filk I`m with the band: Putting a band together from the community
SUN 1:00PM – 2:30PM Union D-E Music/Filk Dr Mary Crowell concert (It’s looking like Brenda Sutton, Amy McNally, and Brooke Abbey will all be joining me on stage. WOOT!)

Progress Report on Coffee With A Friend video

Today I cut notches in two purple pool noodles to make them look like tentacles. I will have the pool noodle tentacles and some squid hats and a couple of other costuming items with me at MARCON. If any of you who want to be in the video happen to be going to MARCON, comment here and let me know. That way we can meet up and I can get footage of you drinking coffee (or pretending to drink coffee) and waving tentacles about.

Showing off a purple pool noodle after carving notches in it to make it wiggly like a tentacle

Beth Norwood and WLRH

*GLEE AND DELIGHT!* Beth Norwood included “Coffee Cantata” and “Coffee With A Friend” on her May 6, 2017 Saturday radio show Arts Underground  as part of a musical coffee extravaganza! The description of her show on WLRH Huntsville 89.3 FM/HD’s website is the following:

Can you manage a mambo? Or perhaps a waltz? The Arts Underground with Beth Norwood takes your mind places it didn’t know it wanted to go.

This one-hour, free-form program seeks to delight the senses. You’ll hear interviews with artists, poetry, and music from across time and space…and maybe you’ll find a few hidden musical treasures.

The Arts Underground airs Saturday from 2-3 PM … or listen to a podcast below.

Hee! She played Prince’s Starfish and Coffee on the show too! I love vixy and Tony and Betsy and Sunnie’s cover of that song! I am so honored.

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