Back from from the Eurovision Party!

Back from from the Eurovision Party!

Shawna Jacques and Mary Crowell Eurovision 2019

This is a selfie Shawna Jacques took of us at the Seattle Eurovision party! *hugs* to Shawna. It was so great getting to see a whole bunch of you there! I got some sublimely silly video of people in hats: Shawna Jacques, Sunnie Larsen, Marcos Duran, Betsy Tinney, Cade Tinney, Anne M Stewart, and Seanan McGuire! I got to see Jerri Lynn Cornish and Jeffrey Cornish later, and get great hugs too. Also hugged Rob Wynne and Larissa March!

The party was delightful! Thanks so much to the Agora folks: Torrey Stenmark, Michelle “vixy” Dockrey, and Fishy Dockrey worked SO HARD to make this event AMAZING!

I am glad Norway got the popular vote because I really loved their performance! Here is a link to the offical video.

I get to edit some wonderfull silly footage of people in hats for my upcoming music video, “Hat of Disguise!”



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