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Alternate Biographies:
Consonance 2008

Mary Crowell

Written by Cat Faber

Rumors that Mary Crowell is the natural child of the Angel Gabriel and a well-known jazz musician have been thoroughly investigated, and found to have no basis in fact. "I have no comment" the Archangel is reported to have said when questioned on the subject, "except that we are all, of course, very proud of Mary." But her velvet voice and swinging keyboard style point unerringly toward her origins, in spite of her mysterious smile and steadfast silence on the question...

Mary Crowell

Written by Sherman Dorn

When Mary Crowell appeared at her first filk convention, she hit the scene like a .44 shell going through the last reel of a Dirty Harry movie. The South hasn't been the same since. Chord progressions drip from her fingers like molasses oozing off the bottom of a spoon, unless her voice is driving a torch song in almost precisely the incredible way that Tori Amos's voice can't. Just make sure not to let her sing on Hyde Street in the City: the cable car will fall over just from hearing her voice. And make sure the hotel staff has a mop to clean up the drool from the audience: If Mary had lived in the heyday of film noir, Mary Astor would have been standing jobless on a streetcorner wondering why she never got any breaks.

Cat Faber and Sherman Dorn wrote these bios for me on live journal. The bios were printed in the program book when I acted as Toastmistress at Consonance 2008 in March of 2008.


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Mary Crowell


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