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Coffee Cantata Welcome Song

(This is the song that all new barristas have to memorize at Coffee Cantata. Felix does not enforce this. His office manager does.)

© 2012 by Mary Crowell.

Come to the Coffee Cantata!
You know you really oughta
Sit down have a cup of Joe!

Comfy chairs and fiddle
Stop by and play a little
You’re gonna hear someone you know.

Here we worship the Mighty Bean!
Music’s good, and the place is clean!
Playwright’s write and the actors preen.
Listen or sing along.

Our patrons are of all kinds
But artists love our coarse grinds
Join us in a cup of Joe!

Napkins here to write on;
We always leave the light on
And listen to your tales of woe.

Our fine shop has the finest brew
Arabica that’s filtered through
Sugar, cream, and good paper too.
A fine place to write a song

[Instrumental Verse X2]

Cross Cromb Bridge where the mooples bide
Tritone Street on the other side
On the left and we’re bonafide
Coffee is hot and strong.

[Repeat 1st two verses and 1 st chorus]

Listen or sing along.
A fine place to write a song
Coffee is hot and strong.

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