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Fairest Of Them All


© 2012 by Mary Crowell.

You woke me up from a happy ever after.
“Wakey wakey to a true love’s kiss.”
My dreams full of red apples, love, and laughter.
”Why do prizes always end up this?

The rose is red, but the thorns they would protect me,
Their praises always go unsung.
Sleeping safe though outside the briars are bleeding
All alone, but I’m forever young.


Apples, jealousy, and sleep,
Roses, mirrors, and secrets deep.
When I dream, I dream and weep.
I dream I’m the Fairest of them all.

How ‘bout them? Yes, Honey. How about them apples?
Lose the race and then a lioness be.
Golden skin. See the beauty of reflection
Taste it sweetie, immortality.

Chorus Bridge:

Happy Ever After? Happy Ever After? Then why am I so sad?
Happy Ever After? Happy Ever After? Dammit! Why am I so mad?

And Ev'ry girl is a gleaming, golden goddess.
Every goddess is a lovely mess.
Discord’s prize, Poor ol’ Paris picked the hottest.
Stole his Helen, Aphrodite bless.

Chorus X2


I dream I’m the Fairest of them all.

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