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© 2013 by Mary Crowell.

Carried on legs made from iron and from magic
Fleeing the towns with the flu hemorrhagic
Here we go, Here we go, Here we go, goliards.

We are a school and museum and a brain trust
Our world is dying and scholars we fain must
Live like crows, live like crows, live like crows, goliards.

Scholars, Engineers, and Bards,
Wand’ring the remnants and shards
Machines and people working hard.

Gears click and whir as the golems repair it.
Wiring kept safe by the cats and the ferret
Still we slow, still we slow, still we slow, Goliards.

Wander the world in a time capsule lonely,
Remember how it was like in the only
World we know, world, we know, world we know, Goliards.


Musicians sing the perfection to move chains.
Technicians keep people young ‘til rejuv drains
Fail to flow, fail to flow, fail to flow, Goliards.

Suit up and teach, then move on to the next town.
We flee from fools with their guns and their gold crowns,
Glowing snow, glowing snow, glowing snow, Goliards.

[Instrumental on Verse Chord Changes]
Chorus and outro

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