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Mary at the keys


Jazz and Mai (Raven May Waltz)


© 2013 by Mary Crowell.

A clarinet and an upright bass,
My pretty girl with her borrowed face,
We’re dancing slow, as I kiss her hair—smell
Cotton candy ashes—we’re a perfect pair.

I love my Daye—we dance at night,
Close our eyes, and we cuddle tight.
The music swells—we hear the strings.
I’ll wrap her close in midnight wings.

O Love, let’s dance!
We live with hope, so never fear to fly.
Omens are a second chance.
And symbols never die.

We dance ‘til the dawn that destroys all lies,
Dance to our heart’s contentment.
Pandora plays her music box—Waltz
Round and around in a circle.

My barefoot girl in her velvet dress
I fear for her, I must confess.
Her amber eyes may close for good.
There are those who’d hurt us—if they could.

My darling raven, come what may.
I’ll love you always—night or day.
Though powers old pull puppet strings
My mem’ries full of little wings.

Chorus [2X]

[After repetition of Chorus]
And symbols never die.
And symbols always lie.

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