Skydiving Naked

Skydiving Naked
I’ve uploaded “Skydiving Naked” to Soundcloud in case folks want to share the song, but you can also listen via the media player below.

Song Description:
“Skydiving Naked”
Copyright 2016 by Mary Crowell
(Written April 23, 2016)

Mary cosplaying as Lara Croft

Mary cosplaying as Lara Croft

I cosplayed as Lara Croft a couple of Octobers ago, and that’s about as

thrill seeker as I actually get in my real life. So . . . no skydiving

naked, rock climbing sideways, or tangoing with apes. Enjoy this song for

the adventure, vaguely murderous intentions, and the warning about

texting while doing all these activities.

This is a response to the song prompt “what a way to go.” I was in the car driving thinking

about the other song prompt and how I had two or three song ideas for

it, but WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO WITH ‘What a way to go’? I started

imagining really ridiculously over the top dangerous things to do

simultaneously. Then suddenly I was singing the first verse. I recorded

it into my phone as soon as I could get a chance to pull over–singing it over and

over beforehand.

The resulting song stayed amazingly true to the timing and

tune of that burst of inspiration, although I wasn’t expecting the

crankiness about being ignored for texting to turn out to be a motif

that carried throughout the song. (I text a LOT just so you know. I

don’t judge people for texting. However, I don’t plan to do it while

skydiving any time soon.) This work is in good old C major.


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