Website Migration, Brooke’s Construction Paper D&D and All That

Website Migration, Brooke’s Construction Paper D&D and All That

Hi all,

We have been doing some website migration because of changing companies for my web hosting. And most of the website is restored, including the blog archives for September 2010 and earlier which can be found here if you are curious. I have back ups of most of the later posts and differently worded versions of the same information on various social media–particularly Tumblr and Patreon. And by ‘we’ I really mean Teresa Powell, webmistress extraordinaire. She made this go SO SMOOTHLY. And given I just updated my computer to El Capitan and decided to use a mailer instead of web based, she has greatly eased a Time of Technological Transition. Also, huge thanks to Rob Wynne who made sure I’ve had a domain name ( for over a decade!

So blog. What shall I do with you? I’m thinking what I might do is repost some of the older material–mainly opinion pieces or song essays. But we shall see. It’s interesting starting tabla rasa again. (You can comment to this post with some suggestions if you like!)

Also, Teresa has set it up so you can sign up for Extremely Infrequent Emails. (Although, I’m going to launch a kickstarter this spring, so there will be some emails.)

I would be remiss if I don’t post my latest song here though. It’s called “Brooke’s Construction Paper D&D” and it is about Brooke Abbey’s stellar construction paper campaign that she’s been running at campaigns. The song and accompanying video are quite dignified and poncy. Yes. I’m sure you believe me. [Please, don’t believe me.]

Most of this was filmed at Sasquan, the 2015 World Science Fiction Convention held in Spokane, WA. Some was filmed at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio. One photo is from New Orleans. Some was filmed at my house. And some in places unknown at this time.


Videography by Mary Crowell
Photography by Mary Crowell and Brooke Abbey
Vocals by Mary Crowell and Simon Crowell

This video made possible by Dr. Mary C. Crowell’s patrons on Patreon.

The Cast

Brooke Abbey, Dungeon Mistress
Wesley Crowell – the Smuggler
Ivan Osha, , Man’s Man, Man-About-Town, Esquire (Deceased)
Mary Crowell – the Ninja Puppy with Dragon Wings
Druppy Pog
Simon Crowell – the Dungeon Chef
Cobalt Chef Khan
Amy McNally – the Pie Wizard with Laser Eyes & Blazer Feet
Greg Lunderville – the Cat Lady
The Cat Lady needs no name.  The Cat Lady meows a lot.
Torrey Stenmark – the Half-Elf Paladin-Ranger-Monk-Rogue
Valolwyn Duchêne
Michelle Dockrey – the Postal Cleric
Lisa Madden
Jeri Lynn Cornish – the Harmless Cotton Ball
Definitely Not An Alligator What Are You Talking About
Tasha Robinson – the Elf Supremacist Rogue
Alexis Nast – the Napromancer
Matthew Dockrey – the Halfling PI
Mark Darkly

Note: Torrey Stenmark is costumed as Agent Peggy Carter and Jeri Lynn Cornish is costumed as Definitely Not An Alligator What Are You Talking About.

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